Bunk House Rooms

Our bunk rooms are simple, spartan, clean and just what you need for the first or last night of your trip when travelling to get here.  Each room has beds for 4 or 6 people and we can accommodate up to 30 people at one time though rarely have that many on any given night.  They are private rooms reserved for your group only.  If there are two people in your group you will be the only two in your room – no sharing.   Larger groups will get more than one room and we tend to spread people out based on availability.  Some of the rooms have double sized mattresses, most have twins, all are double bunks.  Beds have a fitted bottom sheet so we assume you will use your sleeping bag or bring other bedding and pillow.  Bunks are thoroughly cleaned and sheets are washed after every use.

(We had a guest who was a mattress salesman going on about the mattresses, “Why do you spend so much on mattresses?”  Because we like nice mattresses.)

Bunk rooms also have a table and chairs for last minute trip planning, a game of cards or for eating breakfast.  All rooms have electricity and lights but no heat or running water.  It’s a step above setting up a tent and a welcome respite if you are arriving late.

Well behaved pets are allowed in the bunk rooms and on our property.  Pets must be leashed when others are near and please clean up after them.

There is a picnic area with a fire pit if you wish to have an evening cheer fire or a pre-trail meal and our main dock is open for fishing, launching a canoe or just watching the sun set.

Bunk rooms are intended for single night stays only before or after a trip.  There are no cooking facilities in the rooms but there is a picnic area where you are welcome to cook.

Bunks stays are $25/person each night if you are renting canoes. $10/pet per night.  

We are not able to reserve bunk rooms only from July 21- August 13.  During that time, rooms are held for groups getting outfitting packages, canoes or other significant rentals.

There are several restaurants near by for meals or eat in Grand Marais before you head up the Trail.  Have a look at our checklist for suggestions and directions to get here.

Shower and toilet facilities are in a separate building a short distance away.  They are clean and modern.   Showers are included with any bunk stay or are available to anyone for $8 per person.  Towels are provided and there is body wash in the shower stalls.

A little breakfast to go with your overnight stay?  We can deliver it to your door at 7 am when we open or later.  It’s a nice way to start your day and your trip without having to dirty dishes or cook.  We provide blueberry muffins, cereal and milk, orange juice and coffee, tea or cocoa.

Breakfast is $8 per person.  Gluten free options add $2.

Call to book a bunkhouse stay – 218-388-2275.

"Your service/quality and detail to customer satisfaction is best in field. Our trip was extremely enjoyable and relaxing."