Love many, trust few, learn to paddle your own canoe

January 1, 2023

Apply here —  2023 HJO Application

* Hungry Jack Outfitters is looking for three or four fun people to be our 2023 crew this summer. We are located midway up the Gunflint Trail, on Hungry Jack Lake, just three miles from the Canadian border.

* It’s fun – we try to not to take life too seriously but need to get things done. Our staff is small but mighty: mighty enough to pick up and carry canoes everyday, small enough that everyone needs to do their part so that it doesn’t fall on your friends to do your job for you.  

* We’re looking for flexible and helpful humans. Everyday presents different tasks. You might spend a day driving guests and gear to their entry points, while the next day may be spent tidying a cabin for another’s arrival. It’s challenging, physical, and mostly outdoor work with lots of variety. You won’t be stuck in a single position all summer.

* Our guests love the BWCAW. Many come here for refuge and reflection, some for adventure and excitement. We want to do what we can to share this special place with them.

* You’ll learn a lot about the area, the wilderness, camping, and life every day. We live here year round and want to share what we’ve learned about the forest and what it holds with you.

* Pay is $15 an hour.

* Staff housing is available and very affordable, with us footing the internet, laundry and utility bills for you. A shared staff kitchen and living space is available, with smaller Thoureau-esque personal cabins for those who apply first! 

* You’ll have the opportunity  to see this place the way our guests do, and we happily provide any and all equipment you will need to enjoy the woods. When you have time off, pack a bag, grab a canoe and a map and head out on the water, or explore one of the many scenic hiking trails near Hungry Jack Outfitters. It’s a lovely place to be no matter what you’re doing!

* Our season is May through September. We know many students don’t have all that time open so we are happy to work with your schedule. We aren’t a big lodge and only hire the staff that we need for the summer, therefore we ask that you commit to the end date you tell us. Leaving earlier than planned leaves everyone here, staff and employers, overworked and grumpy. 

* 40 hours a week, 5 days on, two days off every week. We want you to have time to enjoy the northwoods away from Hungry Jack Outfitters too. We will accommodate time for your adventures provided they are in harmony with the schedules of our guests and your co-workers. 

* Must be at least 18 years of age, and have a valid driver’s license with a clean record. We help our guests load gear, which requires lifting canoes overhead several times a day.   This is a very physical job, moving and on your feet most of every day.  Your physical fitness and preparedness is important. Prior outdoor experience, especially time in the BWCAW, is very desirable as well though not a requirement.

* We encourage all staff for the 2023 season be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Interested? Email us  or click on the link above for an application. Tell us a bit about yourself and why you’d like to work here this summer.

It looks like it’ll be a busy summer. We’d love to have you on the team.

Dave, Nancy and Ben Seaton

"We are still thinking about what a good BWCA experience we had this week. Thank you for such great outfitting!"