Fishing – What to Bring

2009 Will fish net

Minnesota fishing licenses are available in our store.


For all types of fishing in this area, you can use light spinning tackle, 6-ft medium-action rod, and 6- or 8-lb-test line. You may want to use heavier line (12 lb) if you are after northern pike, and lighter (4 lb) if mainly after trout.

A good tackle box should have:

  • small snap-swivels
  • split-shot weights
  • #6 hooks
  • nail-clipper (to cut line)
  • needle-nose pliers w/wire-cutter (to remove hooks)
  • a slip bobber and bobber stops
  • 9-in steel leaders
  • filet knife
  • a few Band-Aids

You’ll want a short-handled landing net.

Think SMALL and LIGHT! Big fish bite small stuff too!


We’ve found several lures variously good for bass [B], northern pike [N], trout [T], and walleye [W]:

  • Daredevil Imp 2.5 in, red/white or black/white [all]
  • Rapala Shad Rap #5 & #7, blue/silver/orange or crayfish color [BTW],
  • Floating Rapala #3, #5, and #7 in gold/orange [all] black/gold [all], perch [all]
  • Mepps #2 or #3 bucktail spinner, white [all]
  • Heddon Sonar red/white [T]
  • Beetle spin, chartreuse & black/yellow
  • Little Cleo 3/4-oz orange and gold [T]
  • 1/8-oz & 1/4-oz jigs and twister tails in black, white, yellow, and crayfish color


If you’re serious about catching walleyes, you will want:

  • Live bait and slip bobbers with bobber stops
  • Jigs: 1/8-oz and 1/4-oz in chartreuse, green, fluorescent orange, white, and black
  • Lindy-type spinner rigs in white, fluorescent orange, blue, and green
  • Jigs and spinners will be tipped with leeches or nightcrawlers, which you can bring or purchase in our store when you arrive. All lures and bait are available at our store.


If you are fly-fishing, a #5 or#7 rod will do for most purposes, but a #9 will allow you to cast bigger flies for bass or pike.  Pike fishing with a fly rod is way fun but you’ll need some steel leader material or other abrasion resistant leader.  Bass fishing is mainly a late June and early July thing and can be fun if if the wind cooperates.  Please call to discuss what flies you will need for your trip. We no longer carry flies in our store.

"We are still thinking about what a good BWCA experience we had this week. Thank you for such great outfitting!"