The woods are hugging me back…

February 15, 2018

Nancy and I were talking this morning about how we got here.  Thinking about how we both felt a special connection to the northern forest early in our lives.  Despite the cliché “tree-hugger” moniker we get for other reasons, we both felt the bond, the connection, the big-hug-feeling-you-get-from-gramma every time we spent days in the forest and on the water.   Nancy related a particular time long before we lived here when she wanted to get away and came North.  She said, “It felt like the woods are hugging me back.”  Note she said “are” not “were”.  In the present tense still to this day.   Obviously others get that feeling from their time in this forest and it lasts long after they leave this place.  There just ain’t enough of that in the world right now.

We love this time of year.  Our regulars are calling to make reservations for the coming summer.  Telling us a story or two and why they need to come back. Others are calling to ask questions about trip ideas and reserve too because they’ve heard the stories from those who have been here.  We hear in their voices how important this place is.  They tell us what it means to them to have a place where they can relax, recharge and feel relief from the rest of the world we have to live in.  For many the week they spend in the BWCA is the highlight of their year.  It’s a real honor to be part of that and help make it happen.

Come visit.  You’ll feel the woods hugging you back.

"We are still thinking about what a good BWCA experience we had this week. Thank you for such great outfitting!"